Bualadh Bos for my Mom!


Just a quick one to acknowledge something brilliant, unselfish and admirable my Mom (Carole or @kala59) is doing! She has fostered the above puppy named Harry! She will have Harry who was only 6 weeks old when she got him for the next 12 months! Her job is to socialise and “manerise” him so he may be trained as a Guide Dog For The Blind and hopefully give someone who is visually impaired their independence back!

Having just spent the weekend with the adorable 8 week old Harry I really admire what she is doing! He is not like your regular puppy! He must accompany her almost everywhere! He needs to be familiarised with all social places including pubs (no problems there Mom!), buses and trains! Maybe even a plane if Mr O’Leary allows it! He already sits on command since 6 weeks! He has been in restaurants, supermarkets and even an old folks home with her and he quietly sits at her feet and has a little snooze! He sits before people pet him! And most impressive when ya bring him outside and say “Busy busy” (and feel like a lemon!) he does his wee wees! And remember he is only 8 weeks old!

He is a huge responsibility and she has taken to it very well! She knows how to balance caring and discipline very well and has three happy, well-balanced daughters to her credit!

The test will come next summer when its time for Harry to leave and go to Big Dog School for 8 months of Guide Dog Training! She says “Sure didn’t I get rid of my 3 children!”

He is a little heartbreaker and I know who’s heart will be broken the most when he goes!

Love you Mom!

PS Can we keep him?

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